Wheel of Fortune РA Guide

A visually impressive game with a 2m tall giant wheel.

Spin this big wheel and bet on the outcome. Loud and visually impressive as this larger than industry standard wheel.

Great fun for beginners and also creates a fun atmosphere to the event with its loud rattle as it spins round…


How to play Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is the easiest game to play in a Fun Casino.

The giant wheel is split into 40 segments.

Each segment has a colour and also has a either a card or ‘1to1’ written on it.


There are 2 different bets to play…


On the outside edge of the betting table you will see different coloured squares… Place your chips on the colour you think will be next to spin. The numbers on the coloured square tell you the odds.

The higher the odds, the harder it will be to spin that particular colour.

Card or 1to1

On the inside of the betting table you will see 5 squares:


If you place your chips on ‘King’, you will win if the next spin stops on a King.
Again, the higher the odds, the harder it is to spin.


Odds are as below:


Yellow = 4:1
Green = 20:1
Red = 8:1
Pink = 5:1
Blue = 5:1
Grey = 40:1
Purple = 20:1

Card or 1to1

1to1 = 1:1
Jack = 5:1
Queen = 10:1
King = 20:1
Ace = 40:1

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