Casino Stud Poker – How to Play

Sometimes called ‘Caribbean Stud’ or ‘Casino Stud Poker’, this is the easiest Poker game to play.


Our Poker tables are Full sized, just like you would see in a real casino.

All our Poker layouts are covered with a blue woven cloth with hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades woven into the fabric. It has a shiny look to it and looks more luxurious than the traditional felt fabric.

We only use Casino grade equipment so to give the authentic casino feel to your event.

We are proud of the quality of our equipment, all the photos in this website are from events we have delivered and are of our equipment, no ‘stock images’ used!


Rules of Casino Stud Poker

In this type of poker game it is you playing against the dealer, not against the other players.

The easiest way to explain Casino Stud Poker is:

You get 5 cards…

The croupier gets 5 cards…

Whoever gets the best 5 card poker hand wins!

1 – Place your bets

Anyone wanting to play at the party Casino Stud Poker table places their bet (in chips) inside a “Ante” space on the table.


2 – Croupier Deals the Cards

The croupier will deal 5 cards all face down to each player that has placed a bet and 5 cards to themselves.
The dealer will place their 5th card face up.

3 – Check your cards

All players look at their own cards and make a decision whether to fold their hand (throw it away if they don’t think their hand will beat the dealer) or raise their bet if they think that they may beat the dealer.
See bottom of the page for a ranking order and description of the different poker hands.


4 – Fold or raise?

If the player folds at this point, they loose their original “ante” bet and the croupier takes away their cards. The raise bet always needs to be double the “ante” bet and is placed on top of the cards on the space on the table marked “bet”.

5 – The Dealers cards

Once all players have made their decision, the croupier reveals their cards.


6 – What if the dealer doesn’t qualify?

If the croupier reveals a “no hand” (no poker hand and does not have an ace and a king in their hand) they do not ‘qualify’ to look at your hand.
All players still in the game receive (1:1) on their “ante” bet. Once paid, this is the end of the hand.


7 – What if the dealer does qualify?

If the dealer reveals an “Ace King” or a poker hand higher than this they ‘qualify’ to look at your hand.
If your hand beats the dealers then you win!
If your hand is not ranked as high as the dealers then you lose (yes even in a Fun Casino!). If you beat the dealer your ante will be paid 1:1. Your ‘Raise’ will get paid odds (see bottom of page for odds paid).


8 – If I win, how much do I get paid?

If the dealer qualifies and you beat their hand, your back bet will get paid odds. Please see the ranking hands and odds below. Example: If the player has two pairs and has an “ante” of £5 and a raise bet of £10, the dealer will pay the “ante” £5 (1:1) and the “raise” £20 (2:1) – A total win of £25. For the odds paid on all hands please see below.


Casino Stud Poker Hands by Ranking Order


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