Hosting a Casino party at home?
Is your birthday party in a venue with limited space and not enough room for full sized casino tables?
Are you organising a Charity night with a minimal budget?
Well DIY Casino hire sounds like the right entertainment for your event!

All of the fun, none of the risk… Less than half of the price!

Everything you need to run your own casino, all you need to provide is standard sized trestle tables or dining table and a volunteer to play ‘croupier’ and you will have a great night!

We supply all the casino equipment you will need to wow your friends and turn your home or venue into a little Las Vegas or a classy James Bond Monte Carlo casino.

See below information on how a Do it yourself Casino hire will be perfect for your Casino night.


DIY Casino Hire

  • Casino games included
    Roulette & Blackjack equipment (up to 6 day hire period)
  • FREE Training video included
    We’re the only company to offer a ‘croupier training video’ to help you run your casino night
  • Quality equipment
    We’re proud of the quality of our DIY Casino equipment we hire out.
    Please see photos below of the actual equipment.
  • Delivery & Collection included!
    We use a national courier to deliver our DIY Casino a few days before your event and collect it from you a few days after
  • Easy booking process
    Fill in the form, choose your delivery day… Done.
    Although you can call or email us if you wanted a chat about it.

Original price was: £100.00.Current price is: £90.00.

How does it work?

1 – Before your event

You choose the day when you want your DIY Casino Kit delivered – Ideally this would be a few days before your event…


Although many people know the basics of how to play Blackjack and Roulette, our YouTube training Videos will give both confidence in dealing the games but also some really useful hints and tips on how to run the casino games on the night.


(we are the only company to offer a croupier training video).

2- Setup
With quality looking casino equipment and croupier skills like a professional it’s time for you to wow your guests with your new found Casino skills and host a really fun casino night.

The only thing you need to provide is a table for each game to be played.

The casino cloths and equipment will fit on a large dining table or standard sized trestle table (6ft x 3ft / 180cm x 90cm).

3 – On the night
Our kit comes with standard ‘fun money’ that you hand out to your guests….
When the casino is open, your guests bring their ‘fun money’ to the tables which the croupier will change into chips and people play the Roulette and Blackjack into the night…

At the end of the night count everyone’s chips and give a prize to the one that has won the most!

**If you did want to


Personalised Fun Money

Add a nice touch to the casino party and upgrade your fun money with a photo….

for DIY Casino bookings.
Add this on at the checkout only £20

How much does it cost?

£100 – Blackjack & Roulette
This includes everything you need to run a fun casino evening

Extras – Add at checkout
£50 – extra for Poker table equipment
£50 – extra for additional Blackjack table equipment
£20 – extra if you wanted to add personalised funny money (discounted rate!)

SALE – ONLY £80!

Original price was: £100.00.Current price is: £90.00.


How do I book?

Simply fill in the form at the checkout and choose your delivery and collection day.
If your party is on Saturday, we’d suggest we organise delivery for Monday or Tuesday, just so we can ensure it gets to you well before the party and you have time to have a look at the equipment and watch the YouTube video and have a little practise.

Note – You can change your delivery / collection day upto 2 weeks before your party, so this is not set in stone.

Extras – Is it a birthday party?
Wanted to personalise the fun money – discounted price £20 to add to your booking? You can add this a the checkout.

Original price was: £100.00.Current price is: £90.00.

What is included in the box?

Basically everything you need to run your own casino night, all you need is a table big enough and a volunteer to be the croupier on the night.


  • Roulette Wheel – Solid Mahogany
  • Roulette layout (cloth) – Full Sized
  • Roulette chips – Standard casino size and weight – not the cheap ones!
  • Roulette odds guide – A cheat sheet to help the croupier pay the correct amounts
  • All equipment needed to deal a full Roulette game.


  • Blackjack layout (cloth) – Full Sized
  • Blackjack shoe 6 deck like in a real casino 
  • Cards – Plastic Super index cards (same quality as they use in real casinos….)
  • Blackjack chips  – Standard casino size and weight – not the cheap ones!
  • All equipment needed to deal a full Blackjack game

  • Youtube Instructional video guide
  • Standard Funny money for you to give your guests
    *Upgrade to personalised fun money if you wanted to add a photo or logo at discounted rate…