FAQ – Fun Casino Hire

If you have any further questions about fun casino hire or would like to speak with us regarding your specifc requirements, please contact us:

0115 920 2623 / 07528 734847

Is it legal? Does my venue need a licence?
Blackjackfuncasino.com run all of our events inline with the British Gaming Laws and so yes it is 100% legal. The venue does not need a license. If you would like more details on this please do not hesitate to contact us.
How do the games start?
Croupiers on the night will distribute “funny money” to all of your guests, this is then used to buy chips at the gaming tables. This “funny money” can be personalised, please see the “funny money” page for details
How do we know who has won?
Our croupiers will “cash in” all players at the end of the evening and the player with the highest amount of chips is the winner. This can be announced by us or passed on the event organiser or DJ to announce.
Is a prize usually given to the winner?
Yes, this is provided by you and can be anything. The most popular “prize” option is a bottle of bubby. We do advise that there is a prize to encourage friendly competition.
How can we raise money for charity?
There are lots of ways to raise money for charity through a fun casino, we have helped raise money at 100’s of events and have several tried and tested methods including selling the funny money to your guests, or by inviting companies to sponsor a table.
Please contact us for details and several other options.
What do the tables look like?
All of our tables and equipment are casino grade and size. They fold up to make the easily transportable and are assembled by the croupiers at your event in around 15 minutes.
For photos of our equipment click here
None of our friends know how to play, can you teach us?
100% Yes – All of our croupiers are really friendly and will teach any of the games in a way your guests will understand. We are happy to demystify any casino jargon and will create a friendly non intimidating atmosphere.
What casino games do you supply?
Roulette, Blackjack, Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Dice/Craps and Wheel of Fortune.
Can I have the table in my own home? How much space do I need?
We can set up the tables anywhere…As long as there is enough floor space. For a roulette or dice table you will need approximately 3m x 1.5m and for blackjack or poker you will need 2.5m x 1.5m.
What do the croupiers wear?
Our female croupiers wear black cocktail dresses and gents wear tuxedo trousers, dress shirt and bow tie.
How long will the tables be at my party/event for?
Unless agreed otherwise the tables will be open to play for 3 consecutive hours. Additional hours can be added at an additional cost, but we have found through experience that 3 hours works well.