Virtual Casino Night

We’ve been providing fabulous Virtual Casino Night entertainment since Zoom became a thing in April 2020.

Being one of the first companies to offer Zoom Casino Parties we believe we offer the best in online casino parties and are proud to show you what we do…

What to expect?

You’ll have a fun packed online casino event with lots of laughs and giggles.

Regardless if it is a Family Zoom Party, Corporate Team Building Event or just Blackjack with friends on Zoom, people really have a lot of fun!

We’re happy to show you what to expect, please see our YouTube video above that shows footage of previous events and  how much fun people have at our Zoom Casino Parties or Gallery below for photos.

Virtual Blackjack Party

Virtual Fun Casino Party

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other online video conferencing software have opened the door to a new way of socialising.

It has never been so easy to connect with groups, friends and family across the world.

Join us for a fun packed Virtual Casino Night from the comfort of your own home.

Ideal virtual entertainment for any group wanting to catchup over a video call, no experience necessary, click to see case studies of the following events:

Our customers love our Virtual Events!

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How does a Virtual Casino Night work?

Your online Casino party will be hosted by Dave, our fabulous and friendly Croupier over a Zoom Video Call.  It will feel like your own personal Las Vegas.

Include up to 9 screens in your party, each screen will play as a team.  We play a live Blackjack game with full sized table and equipment.

You don’t need to be a casino expert or card counter to play, the main objective is to have some fun whilst trying to break the bank and win your fake fortunes!

Supply a prize for the winner or just play for ‘bragging rights’, the choice is yours.  Either way you will all have a fun night with lots to talk about after the event.

Spice up your evening and theme it as a Las Vegas high rollers night with private gaming table.  Ask your guests to mix the cocktails and put on their sequinned dresses.

You could don your James Bond tuxedos and drink Martinis into the night?

Or pop the Champagne Bottles and party like Gatsby…, a little Virtual Casino Party Never Killed No body!

See FAQ’s or Contact us for more info.

Book your Virtual Casino Party below


Date of party *

Party Start Time

The Blackjack fun lasts for anything between 1-2 hours…
For parties outside the UK please let us know your timezone.

Additional info

Reason for the party or any special requests or questions


How does it work?

How long is the party?

Our Virtual Casino Party lasts between 1-2 hours and can be arranged anytime that suits you, we opperate 24/7.

Example timings:

8pm – You and your guests log on to the Zoom call and have a quick catchup.

8:15pm – Dave (your Casino host) logs on and introduces the Blackjack game and explains how the event will run.

We have lots of fun and laughs as you compete with your guest as to who can win the most ‘fun money’, you will all be experts in minutes!

We’ll have some winners and plenty of losers too haha…  Most importantly we will all have a good time!

10pm – Your friendly Croupier will announce the winner of the casino and say goodbye…
You are welcome to stay on the Zoom call all night long drinking cocktails and joking about the winners and losers of the casino.

Before the party?

Easy… We email a Zoom invitation with clear instructions of how to install Zoom and log onto the link for those who haven’t used Zoom before.

Participants are welcome to contact us if they have any questions.

Night of the Party?

The Zoom meeting starts with everyone logging onto our dedicated business Zoom account.

Casino games can be a little intimidating for those that have never played before so ‘Casino Dave’ always starts with a quick explanation of how to play Blackjack giving confidence to all.

The fun and banter really starts when the Blackjack game begins and you compete to win the most fun money. Your guests will have a whale of a time as the jesting of winners and losers ensues .


After the casino your casino host logs off the Zoom call leaving you and your guests to chat all night joking about who lost the most.

Price and Availability

See booking form above for pricing, just fill in the form with your preferred date and start time.

After we receive your booking we will confirm within 24hours.

Alternatively contact us to check your dates.

International Zoom Call?

We have streamed Blackjack parties all over the world and can opperate Zoom Parties 24/7…

All we need to know is what time you wanted the party to start in London timezone (GMT).


  • Mum and dad in New York
  • Daughter in California
  • Son in Israel
  • Cousin in London
    = No problem!! 
How many people can play?

As a general rules 7-9 screens works really for an online zoom casino event. Each screen plays as a team so you can have as many people on 1 screen as you want.

We could squeeze upto 11-12 screens however this does tend to slow the game down a little, we will obviously do our very best to keep the game flowing and this wont affect the fun we all have at the virtual Blackjack table.

Contact us if you want a chat about how we can help with your event.

What casino games do you offer?

We have delivered many Virtual casino events with Roulette, Craps and Poker parties and to be completely honest the game that works best over a Zoom call is Blackjack.

Most companies will offer you any and every game…. What they don’t tell you is that other games don’t flow as well as Blackjack which will significantly impact on the fun you and your guests will have at your online casino party.

We want to deliver the best fun filled virtual casino event and believe Blackjack to be the best game to play over a casino zoom call.
For this reason we only offer Blackjack as a Virtual Casino night event. If you have any questions about this please get in touch.

Example Roulette
Waiting for 9 players to place their bets is sometimes really slow and frustrating for everyone-
Player 1 (doesn’t know how to play):
“Errrr…. 1 chip on number 29 and 1 chip between those 4 numbers…. eeerrr, no, not those 4, the other ones”
Player 2
“All on black”
Player 3
“I don’t know…. Hmmm… what was the last number? Ok lets do the same as last time”
Player 4
“3 chips on 7, 1 chip between 32 and 35”

Do we need to bring anything or organise anything?

Nope, sit back and enjoy the party!

We organise the Zoom call on our business account.

All you need to do is forward the Zoom invitation to your guests and be ready to logon to the Zoom meeting at your chosen party time eager for a fun Blackjack Zoom party!

No need for any calculator, pens or paper…

You don’t need to bring anything, just sit back and enjoy your evening, your friendly croupier will explain how to play Blackjack and talk you and your guest through the game.

Can we gamble for real money?

We’re not an online casino so you can’t gamble for real money against the bank, however if you all wanted to put a small amount into the ‘pot’ for the winner to take all then are welcome to organise this amongst yourselves.

We would suggest this to be a small amount in order for the party not to get too serious and also please let us know you are planning this so we can ensure the game is played fairly.

Why book you?

We were one of the 1st companies to offer Virtual Casino Zoom Parties.

We believe we offer the best in Virtual Casino entertainment!

I’m sure every company will say that guests have fun at their events…
However not many show evidence of what to expect from one of their virtual parties.

We are happy to share photos and video footage of actual online events we have delivered to show you how much fun we have at ours!

See Gallery photos of our events

See YouTube video of past events

We also have so many 5 Star reviews, they are coming out our ears!!

Click to read customer comments, after which you’d be crazy to book someone else…
You’ll only be dissapointed?! 😂🤣😂

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Gallery of past events

Our photos speak for themselves…
People of all ages love the service we provide, we bring fun and entertainment to your Zoom Casino Night.

We want to show you what to expect if you book us as your Virtual Casino Night provider…. You can’t fake these photos!

Want to see video instead? See YouTube Video at the top of this page