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Zoom Parties – The new way to socialise

The world is changing and more and more people are getting used to communicating through computers and tablets.

This has opened the door for people to connect with groups of friends and family from far and wide and even across the world in a brand new way.

Not just for boring corporate meetings 

No longer just for boring Corporate meetings, the Party is on with Video conferencing!

People are now comfortable with video chat and most households easily connect to Zoom, House Party, Google Hangouts and other video conferencing software.  

With this new confidence in new technologies brings a great opportunity to reconnect and keep touch with groups of friends where meeting in person would be impossible.

Pub quizzes, book clubs, virtual board games and now even Virtual Fun Casino Parties!

Virtual Fun Casino Party with Blackjack table
Virtual Blackjack Party

Virtual Fun Casino Party

Join us for a fun packed evening of Casino fun from the comfort of your own home.

Great entertainment for any group, no experience necessary –

  • Virtual Birthday Party
  • Sales Team Catchup
  • Family Zoom Party
  • Old friends from University
  • And more…

All of the fun, none of the risk as you try to win and ‘out do’ the rest of your group. See below video of recent Virtual Casino Parties and book your party soon.

Virtual Casino Party
YouTube Video

How does a Virtual Casino work

We host your Casino party with one of our fabulous friendly Croupiers over a Zoom party Video Call.

Include up to 9 screens in your party, each screen will play as a team.  We play a live Blackjack game with full sized table and equipment all run by our own professional friendly croupier. 

You are welcome to supply a prize for the winner or just play for ‘bragging rights’, the choice is yours…
Either way you will all have a fun night with lots to talk about after the event.

Before the party

We send out the Zoom meeting invitations with clear instructions of how to install Zoom.
Participants are welcome to contact us if they have any questions.

On the night

The Zoom meeting starts with everyone loggin onto our dedicated business Zoom account.

We always start off with a quick explanation of how to setup your Zoom screens to get the best Fun Casino experience.

Casino games can be a little intimidating for those that have never played before so we ensure your friendly Croupier gives a simple explanation of how to play Blackjack giving confidence to all.

The fun and banter really starts when the game begins and you compete to win the most fun money. Your guests will have a whale of a time as the jesting of winners and losers ensues.

After the casino you are welcome to hang around and chat all night with your friends, debriefing and joking around about who lost the most.

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Date of party * 

Party Start Time

The Blackjack fun lasts for anything between 1-2 hours…
For parties outside the UK please let us know your timezone.

Example timings:
8pm – Zoom party starts
8:15pm – Croupier joins the Zoom call and we have fun playing Blackjack!
10pm – We find out who has won the most!
After 10pm – Croupier leaves the Zoom call, you and your guests stay as long as you want and Zoom party into the night….

Fill in your preferred start time below or leave blank if you want to confirm timings closer to your party. 👍

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