Dice/Craps – Our Guide 

Having the right croupier to explain the game to your guests will make all the difference, ensuring that all at the table thoroughly enjoy themselves and learn a little along the way.

With years of experience of dealing Dice, Blackjack Fun Casino is the ideal company to teach your guests the game.


Dice is an exciting, loud and fun game BUT…

It needs to be dealt by a croupier that has dealt Craps in a real casino… Not by one that has learnt the game on Youtube!!
Our croupiers have years of experience dealing Dice/Craps in real casinos and know the game inside out.
Call us is you want to know why this is so important or if you have any questions about how to play Craps.

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How to play Craps / Dice


1 – Basics

Craps has 2 stages to the game – When you arrive at a Dice/Craps table you need to look for the ‘Puck’ to see what stage of the game.
Is the Puck On or Off?


2 – The come out roll – PUCK = ‘OFF’

This is the beginning of the game. Place your money on the ‘Passline’ and the croupier will pass you the dice.
The object at this time is to establish a ‘point’ (any of 4,5,6 or 8,9,10).


3 – The Come out roll

If you roll a 7 or 11 at this stage, you will win!


4 – The Come out roll ..cont

If you roll a 2, 3 or 12 at this stage, you lose.
You keep rolling until you establish a point.


5 – Point established – PUCK = ON YOUR POINT

Once you have established your ‘Point’ (9 in this example) the game changes – your only objective is to roll your ‘Point’ number (9) before you roll a 7!
If you roll any other number, nothing happens to your money, the dealer passes the dice back to you to try again.


6 – You roll your point

If you roll your ‘Point’ then you win, the dealer will pay your Passline bet.
Because you ‘made your point’, the game goes back to the beginning, the numbers are reset and you start with your ‘Come out roll’ again.


7 – You “7 out”

If you roll a 7 before you roll your point – you lose….
Because you failed to make your point, the game goes back to the beginning and the dice get handed to the next player.
They start off with the ‘Come out roll’ where you can bet on their roll.


8 – The game starts again

Once your point has been made (or you “7 out”), the Puck turns OFF and it goes back to the begining – The come out roll where you are looing to establish a new point.

Optional side bets – Advanced

Now you know the basics of the game, see below for an explanation of all the extra optional bets you can play.
This is where it can get a little complicated.

A – Passline Bet

The basic bet in the game of dice. This bet governs what stage the game is at – Point or no point. Described in detail above.


B – Field Bet

Place a chip on here and if any of these numbers roll next then you win 1:1, if a number rolls that is not in the field then you lose. An easy bet to play.


C – Big 6 or Big 8

Place a chip on either 6 or 8 and if it rolls then you win. If a 7 rolls then you lose.


D – Place Bets

If you think one of these numbers will roll then put a chip on any of them. The only way these bets lose is if a 7 rolls. Once you have chosen one of these numbers, the bet stays out there till it loses (a seven is thrown).
If your number rolls you get paid the following odds –
8 pay 7:6 (Easy to roll them)
9 pay 7:5 (A little harder to roll)
4&10 pay 9:5 (Harder to roll so they pay more)


E – Centre Bets

Put your chips on the number you think will roll next – If your number rolls then you get paid the odds shown, if it doesn’t then you lose (it is a one roll bet).
These bets are a bit of a long shot but if it works then you get paid loads of money!


F – Hardway Bets

A hard 4 is classed as a pair of 2’s (dice thrown as 2 & 2).
An easy 4 is thrown as 3 & 1.
If you put your chips on any of the hardways the bet stays there till it wins or loses.
It will win if the 4 is thrown as it is shown. It will lose if the 4 gets thrown the ‘easy way’ or if a 7 is thrown.


G – Come Bets

The Come bet is similar to the passline bet – On the 1st roll it wins on 7&11 and loses on 2,3&12. If another number rolls then the bet is placed on that number (the chip has it’s own point).
Now you need to re-roll the point for the chip to win. If you roll a 7 once the chip has a point then it loses. Basically the dice are choosing which number you are betting on.


H – Don’t Pass Bar

If you place chips here then you want everyone else to lose, for that reason I am not going to explain this bet because it goes against everything we stand for at Blackjcakfuncasino.com 🙂

In the movies you see everyone at the Dice table having a great time. This is because everyone is betting together and all want the same numbers to roll.
If you are going to vegas or still want an explanation of this bet please call us and we will be happy to explain all.
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I – Don’t Come Bar

Similar to the Don’t Pass Bar.
If you place your chips here you are wanting everyone else to lose.
We at Blackjackfuncasino.com don’t let people to play these bets as we want all players to win!!

If you really want to know about this bet please call for an explanation 0115 9202623


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