Great Gatsby Prop Hire

A big part of setting the ambience and atmosphere of your party is in the theming and the quality of the party props you hire.

Many people go for the cheap option and buy some of those cheap plastic room wraps from a website and are then disappointed when they don’t really look as posh or fancy as they hoped…

Hiring party props to help theme the room can help bring your party theme to life…


Hire our Great Gatsby props and…

… step back in time to the glamour and decadence of the roaring 20s. Recreate the glamour of the 1920s with our Great Gatsby Themed Party Prop Hire packages! Decorate your makeshift jazz club with our flapper girl flags, banner and backdrops and set the scene perfectlt for your roaring twenties party.

Perfect for Bugsy Malone, Golden Age, Speakeasy or Gatsby themed parties, we are sure you will find all you need for your 1920s party to make it stand out from the crowd and make a night to remember!

Prop Hire should be high on the todo list if you are planning a Great Gatsby themed party!

See below photos of a selection of our Gastby Props –