Casino Party Night At Home

Fun Casino Hire

Want to host a fabulous Casino Party at home?
Depending on your budget and circumstance we offer 3 options for the perfect home casino party – Virtual Casino / Do It Yourself Casino / Full sized Casino Hire.

In these crazy times the way we socialise is changing, but we all need a bit of party in our lives and most of us still want to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions with a party!

Many people are changing their plans to smaller intimate house parties from large Birthday Parties at party venues with all the expense of Hog roast / DJ /Chair-covers etc.

If you are considering hosting a home party then why not add some Fun Casino entertainment?

Great entertainment

A fun casino encourages a party atmosphere and a bit of friendly banter as everyone competes to win as much ‘fun money’ as possible. Also entertains people of any age… From young kids (good for their maths skills haha) to grandparents.

Our 3 options below offer something for any budget for you to choose your perfect Home Casino party.

1. Zoom Parties – The new way to socialise

Perfect for  a remote party.  Blackjack party for upto 9 screens in a friendly game of Blackjack.

It all starts off with easy instructions on how to setup Zoom. Your casino host joins the party and gives a quick overview of how to play Blackjack for those that have never been to a real casino before (in our experience it is usually them that win! ).

We have 2 Hours of fun and banter at the Blackjack table, we’ll have some winners and losers but most importantly we’ll all have a great time and a few laughs.

At the end of the Blackjack your Casino Host will announce whoever has won the most… You are welcome to supply a prize however ‘Bragging rights’ is usually good enough.

Your casino host then logs off but you are welcome to keep the party going and Zoom into the night, as long as you want.

Prices –
£70 Sunday – Thursday
£90 Friday or Saturday

2. Do It Yourself Casino Party

On a budget but still want to add a bit of Casino fun to your party?

No problem – We have teamed up with our sister company Props 4 Parties to offer a DIY Casino in a great big box.

Enough equipment for you to play a full game of Blackjack and Roulette, all you have to do is provide a table and a willing volunteer to be Croupier for the night.

With useful YouTube ‘how to videos’ and a roulette ‘cheat sheet’ your Croupier will be an expert after a bit of practice!

Parcelforce delivers your DIY kit a few days before your party, you have a practice and wow your guests with your new found croupier skills. Following a great night of casino action, Parcelforce will come and collect a few days after your party.

Click here for more DIY Casino info

Prices – £100
Including delivery and collection

3. Full Sized Fun Casino Roulette & Blackjack

Push the boat out and give your guests a fantastic authentic Casino experience.

Full sized casino tables and fabulous, friendly Croupiers ensure your guests have a whale of a time at your home casino party.

Our friendly croupiers arrive to setup the casino tables before your party starts. They hand ‘fun money’ out to your guests and the casino fun starts.

Blackjack and Roulette tables can be open for up to 3 hours, whoever wins the most amount of fun money wins a bottle of bubbly!

The gaming tables are all freestanding and collapsable so can fit through the tightest of doorways..
1 or 2 tables is usually enough for a home casino party, contact us for advice and prices.

Want to include guests that couldn’t come to your party? No problem
– Add Zoom to your party – Contact us for details (extra £75)